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Directory [08 Apr 2015|11:57pm]

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Currently reading: Animal Farm - George Orwell ; IANF - Pitticus Lore
Currently working on: Carissa Salem

Meme Monday: 002! [20 Jan 2015|10:33am]
Meme Monday! Woohoo!

Today's Meme is...

Choose a character (Or ask me to choose a character of yours) and I'll tell you what they did with their day or what their plans for the day are!

It's a pretty simple one but I think it'll be fun :)

Meme Monday: 001 [13 Jan 2015|06:57pm]
Hiya, choose a couple of characters and I'll answer the below question, :) Alternatively simply comment "Me!" And I'll choose some characters of yours to answer it. Or both, I love greediness ;)

In character tell me what the first thing was that you fell in love with, why you fell in love with it and if you still love it.

Note: does not have to be current spouse, not does it have to be a person. <\i>

[17 Nov 2014|12:18pm]
I have not used this journal in so long... dang.

[07 Jan 2014|07:46pm]
Loki will not shut up. He's in my head constantly making constant snide remarks and threats..

It sounds like I'm a schizophrenic or something, but seriously. He is driving me nuts.

[07 Dec 2013|06:48pm]
eCards, eCards get your eCards!!

Leave your dets ;)

All the feels; [26 Jun 2013|11:24pm]

SUGGESTIONS; [23 May 2013|11:04am]
Book, music, movie and anything else suggestions please and thank you <3

[13 Apr 2013|03:29pm]
There was a time when I was renowned for being that cool Player who always tagged back super quick and stuff. I've gotten lazy and lost that title- the characters are there so why the hell am I not tagging? There's no excuse.

I will become that player again. Starting Now.

[11 Mar 2013|08:54pm]

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